Timsmith Museum

Alan MacLeod

Alan MacLeod is the President of the East Hants Museum Society – Tinsmith Museum and Craft Shop.   Local business person and partner in Ettinger’s Funeral Home he is a great community supporter.

Pam MacInnis

Pam MacInnis is our Municipal Councilor and part of the MacInnis family who have been long involved in the Museum.  Pam is a hard worker and a creative ideas person helping with the Tinsmith Museum

Jacki Chandler

Jacki Chandler is the Chair of the board of the East Hants Museum Society – Tinsmith Museum.  “I started at the museum because my mom had “voluntold” me”.  However, she also caught the enthusiasm for the Tinsmith Museum and Craft Shop getting more involved and is a vital part of our board

Jeanne Miller

Jean Miller is the Secretary/Treasurer for the Tinsmith Museum.  Being a frequent visitor of the craft shop over the past eight years she decided to see if they needed any volunteers.  With her many talents she has become a very important part of our board.

Betty Stonehouse

Betty Stonehouse became involved in working with the Tinsmith Museum as she listened to many of the interesting stories that are always being told in the Museum.  She has taken the active role of Manager for the Museum and supervises the Students.