Timsmith Museum

Shelby Wright

Shelby Wright is one of our students, she attends Mount Allison University.  Her favourite part of the job at the Museum is learning about all the old history of the town and meeting new people each day and has a real interest in heritage and history of the village.  She is a wonderful addition to our team this year as she welcomes our guests and tours them through the Tinsmith Museum.

Gerry Williams

Gerry Williams has been a long-time friend and volunteer at the Tinsmith Museum.  At one time he managed the Museum and has an extensive knowledge of all the items in the Museum.  His story telling never ceases to intrigue and delight our guests.

Logan Whynot

Logan Whynot, a student at University of Kings College, is fascinated with all the history here at the Tinsmith Museum.  Finding every room is packed full of interesting displays and artifacts with their own stories. There are always new things to find and new bits of information to learn.  He very much enjoys telling the stories associated with different artifacts in the Museum

Dale Blois

Dale Blois attends East Hants Rural High and has been with us for two years.  Dale has an impressive knowledge of the items in the MacInnis Room featuring both world wars.   He enjoys chatting about all these artifacts especially with all our guests who also have interest in these artifacts