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Shubenacadie activities create a unique Tourism destination

Shubenacadie River

One of the focal points of the Village is the Shubenacadie Tidal River that runs through the village.  The River flows down to the Bay of Funday about 35 km away.  The Bay of Fundy with its highest Tides in the World impacts the Shubenacadie River in the Village with a rise and fall of 12 – 14 feet and a change of direction of the water flow every tide change.  The River is fresh water part of the day and salt water the other part. There is Tidal Bore River Rafting on the River and a smaller version right at the Shubie River Park where families can enjoy – canoes – kayaks – floatables – up and down the river from the floating dock.  There is a picnic pavilion beside the river.